Foie Gras - Goose: Whole block - 130g

Foie Gras - Goose: Whole block - 130g

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 Our supplier breed and process their own gooses themselves: from food (from their own harvests to the foie gras)

Description: part of the cultural and gastronomic heritage protected in France, delicate marbled appearance when sliced, melting and soft on palate. A pure moment of happiness

Weight: 130g

Wine pairing: on a toasted bread or brioche, enjoy it with

  • Sparkling wines: Les Belles Bulles, Mousseux d'Alsace or de Bourgogne, 
  • From Alsace: Gewurztraminer
  • Viognier: le Petit Roubier
  • Sweet wines: Rivesaltes from Les Pins Domain, Amour or Desir from Saint Roch Domain
  • Ingenium Le Mauzac from Sarrabelle Domain