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Foie Gras - Goose: Whole block - 130g

Foie Gras - Goose: Whole block - 130g

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Our supplier believes firmly in "From producer to consumer" process. 
By breeding their own animals on their farm and controlling their diet through their harvests and their own food preparation, they are confident of guaranteeing you an authentic final product whose quality is unequivocal.

Description: delicate marbled appearance when sliced, melting and soft. A pure moment of happiness with its delicate flavour. Goose foie gras has a subtle flavour, and has a tendency to be expressed in its after taste. In conclusion, pink coloured, goose foie gras is a foie gras which has a delicate and refined taste and a subtle flavour. Its texture is smooth and smelting (to discover more about foie gras)

Weight: 130g

Wine pairing: on a toasted bread or brioche, enjoy it with

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