Our Story

Meet us

We strongly believe that fine food and fine wines are linked: no way to enjoy a nice meal without the proper wine.

Moreover, wines help us to travel to many different French areas. With some, we are able to get the salty flavor of the Mediterranean sea, with others, we recognize the winded sun of Cotes du Rhone.

Overwhelmed by the wine market in Singapore, we weren't able to find good value for money. We also strongly believe that French wines are far from being only about Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne!

Concurrently, we met also the owners of a Singaporean restaurants who were looking for French hidden gems.

Each problem has got solutions right? We decided then to found French Delices and to import our favorite French products.

Our 2 missions

1. To help every Singaporean to get some French flavors while being stuck 10,000 miles away.

We have started by wines, but many other delights will come!

2. Bring wines you like: Many French winemakers would delight you with their generous and subtle wines! 


Our products, coming directly from humble French producers, will seduce you by their authenticity, honesty, quality and flavor.