Behind our wine store, our winemakers

Wine regions in France

1- South West Region

Cahors  - Chateau Saint Sernin

A long time ago, the winemakers from Cahors were selling their black wines (Malbeck) around the world. Then, the decline of Cahors wines had started. Fortunately, 40 years ago, young wine makers has revived this powerful and delicious wine. Among them, Anne and Heifara, owners of the Castle of Saint Sernin: they are convinced that wine making is piece of art and as a reward, their wines have been rewarded at the Paris contests.

Gaillac Domaine Sarrabelle

Today, Laurent and Fabien Caussé (8th generation of wine growers on the Sarrabelle estate) gave the name of this source to their wines.They produce top-of-the-line wines such as the vintage Saint André and Mauzac de Sarrabelle. Passion, quality and committement, define their wines.


2- Bordeaux

Chateau La Tuilerie des combes - St Emilion


3- Languedoc - Roussillon

Roussillon - Dom Brial

Their History has started with an idea "Together, we will be stronger". Since, the winegrowers of Baixas, jewels of Catalan viticulture, have been able to make their vineyards and production tools prosper and perpetuate. It is in this spirit of solidarity and excellence that our cellar was born. Very quickly, the circle widened, solidarity made everyone's efforts bear fruit and the winery's notoriety spread beyond the limits of Roussillon. Our collective of winegrowers clearly remembered this duty of solidarity between men when they chose in 1985, as a mark of recognition of their best wines (Dom Brial). DOM BRIAL, a Dominican father born in Roussillon, bequeathed a perpetual annuity to the communes of Baixas and Pia so that they each maintain a school for the poorest children.

The winegrowers of Baixas, jewels of Catalan viticulture, have been able to make their vineyard and production tool prosper and perpetuate. They were able to attract and train with them 3 neighboring cooperatives who shared their vision and business strategy.

Today, we represent 247 winegrowers (pictures below) who passionately cultivate 2100 hectares.



Languedoc: La Grande Sieste domain 

 Located 30 km from Montpellier on the terroir of Aniane and the Larzac terraces, the Domaine de la Grande Sieste is a wine estate managed by Leticia and Boris LECLERCQ 

After three years in conversion, 2019 is the year of Organic Agriculture certification! The vines are treated rigorously and respectful of nature.


Languedoc - Le Petit Roubie

Located in the heart of the Languedoc region, in Occitania, and very close to the Thau lagoon, the Domaine de Petit Roubié has been certified Organic Agriculture (ECOCERT certification) since 1985, which makes it a pioneer in this type of cultivation.

Operating 80 hectares of land spread between the communes of Pinet, Florensac, Marseillan, Castelnau de Guers and Mèze, the Domaine de Petit Roubié is involved in the preservation of the fauna and flora that are so important to our environment.

"Its terroir is the sea", this slogan of the Picpoul de Pinet appellation fits perfectly with the white wine of the same name and evokes in turn the honeyed white flowers that grow at the foot of the Piquepoule stumps, the smell of white citrus fruits and white peaches that mix with the salty and iodized scents of the sea spray that rises from the sea to the upper slopes of the Thau Lagoon. A wide range of fresh, colorful, fruity wines.

Every year the Domaine de Petit Roubié is committed to offering you the best quality wines certified by the ECOCERT label. 


MInervois - Domaine Terres Georges

The call of the vines brought back Anne-Marie to the family land and she named the domain after her Grand-father. Under the influence of a Mediterranean climate, they have created wines of character, greedy and fruity, based on the 8 grape varieties on the estate (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache etc).

4- Provence

Sainte Victoire - Domaine des Diables 

Within the lovely net made by Mountain Sainte Victoire and Med sea, is the Domain of devils owned by Virgine and Guillaume.  They have one goal to achieve: to maintain and, if possible, increase the quality of the wines. To this priority is added creativity so that each vintage is marked by a novelty in the dressing of the bottles, in the format of the containers. 

Sainte Victoire - Rousset cooperative cellar

Here, there is lavender fragrance everywhere and the sun baths the vines used by the Cave de Rousset.

Palette - Henri Bonnaud:

Cassis Le Chateau Fontcreuse:

 With passion, Fontcreuse combines its Terroir, its Tradition, a true respect for the progress of yesteryear, to implement today’s advances that will form the Tradition of tomorrow: manual harvests, transport in small crates to prevent crushing and then modern machineries.

Var - Le Chateau des Annibals

The owners, Nathalie and Henri, are surrounded by a passionate team. Everyone has been able to bring their own skills and everyone works together by helping each other. This beautiful synergy perpetuates the spirit of the Annibals where the values of curiosity, courage and trust are found every day.

5- Corsica

Patrimonio - Domaine Gentile

Here everything is about smell, feel, taste of nature. This is the land of proud people who know how to defend the identity of terroir. Wines are an art that unveils with strength, character and finesse the spirit of its men and the authenticity of the terroir.

6- Cotes du Rhone

Domaine St Roch


Stéphanie and Stéphane, have transmitted to their sons the pleasure and joy of working the land located at the South of        the wide Cotes du Rhone. The vines enjoy Med sea influence     combined with hot dry summers and mild, wet winters.


7- Beaujolais

Domaine des chaffangeons

 Their wine is light, fruity are of course based on gamay grape varieties for the red, chardonnay for the whites. Wine of thirst and of feast !