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Duck Foie Gras

Duck Foie Gras

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Foie Gras de Canard Entier

Imagine a culinary treasure chest, brimming with melt-in-your-mouth duck foie gras. This isn't just any foie gras, but a whole, liver and containing no extra additives or mixes. The best product you can find, its richness a promise of pure indulgence. Each slice is a silky adventure, a symphony of creamy textures and buttery notes dancing on your tongue.

Serve it as an elegant centerpiece, a crown jewel on your charcuterie board. Or, let it shine solo atop toasted baguette, each bite an ode to luxury. No fancy garnishes needed, just the pure decadence of this culinary masterpiece.  

Feeling brave? Slice an sear both sides in a hot skillet!! Serve it with caramelised onions or fig jam. 

Weight: 130g

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