To make French wine easier: a blended wine from Roussillon region

To make French wine easier: a blended wine from Roussillon region

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According to the region where the grape variety is grown, the flavors could be very different (to know more about wines of Roussillon)

Syrah: In Roussillon, fine  wines made with Syrah have got aromas of small red and black fruits: raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, transformed into notes of wild raspberry, truffle and stone, after some time. In one world: aromatic

Grenache: This variety has been cultivated in France since the Middle Ages. It provides silky reds with melted tannins. It gives rich, heady and very aromatic fine wines. Indeed, its olfactory spectrum is wide since it can deliver aromas of blackcurrant and black cherry, all the scents of the garrigue, flavors of sweet spices, and notes of chocolate, leather and tobacco (check it out)

Merlot: Smooth, rounded and "easy drinking". The variety is often used to soften wines made from more tannic varieties.

The domain called "Dom Brial" : it is a collective of winegrowers, their mojo is "Together, we will be stronger"

With the committed winegrowers" label, the winegrowers have committed to save natural resources, protect biodiversity, reduce phytosanitary products, promote eco-designs and combat climate change.

Responsible and engaged winegrowers to produce this rich, intense, spicy fine French wine. 

To know more about Dom Brial products:

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White wines: Le Pot Sec, Mi Nuit

 Rose wine: Les Petits Pins Rose

Sweet wines: Muscato, Rivesaltes ambre, Grenat


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