To make French wine easier - What is Clairette and white Ugni?

To make French wine easier - What is Clairette and white Ugni?

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Clairette: one of the oldest grapes used for wine in France. Clairette, with its ability to deliver both low alcohol and high acidity is used as part of the blend to add acidity. You also find green apple, lime, peach, licorice, white peach and floral characteristics. Clairette is one of the few white wine grapes (Read more here)

White ugni: It is more commonly grown in France, even though you could find it in Italy. Ugni Blanc's aromatic palette is primarily fruity, with citrus notes, such as lemon, as well as quince. Often, we can detect a hint of balsamic pine resin (read more here)


The Domain is located at the heart of the Palette wine area, South East of France, between Marseille and Aix en Provence.

This domain was named upon the grand father's name, Henri Bonnaud

Converted to organic farming since 2010, their wines respect environment and customer's health! And to our pleasure, the Estate, nestled in a natural amphitheater, protected from winds by hills, and Sainte-Victoire mountains, benefits from a microclimate.

Vinification of White Palette : After have been destemmed, the grapes are sorted out. After a cold maceration and pressing, the fermentation is made in barrels. The ageing lasts 8 months.

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