Duck foie gras or goose foie gras, which should I choose?

Duck foie gras or goose foie gras, which should I choose?

Foie gras, the pinnacle of French culinary indulgence, ignites passionate debates about which bird reigns supreme: duck or goose? While taste is subjective, here's a glimpse into the distinct personalities of each.


Goose Foie Gras:

Delicacy for the Discerning Palate Imagine a flavor so subtle, it whispers instead of shouts. Goose foie gras, with its beige-orange hue, caresses your palate with a nuanced elegance. Its essence unfolds gradually, leaving a lingering impression like a cherished memory. If you've primarily indulged in duck foie gras, goose might initially feel demure. But for those accustomed to its whisperings, it's a delightful reunion with a treasured friend.


Duck Foie Gras:

Boldness with a Rustic Charm Duck foie gras, adorned in a rich beige-orange, is the extrovert of the duo. Its robust flavor makes a confident statement, leaving no room for doubt. It's a touch rustic, earthy, and demands your attention. If you're accustomed to duck's boldness, goose might feel like a gentle breeze after a whirlwind. But for those who crave its pronounced character, it's an irresistible adventure for the senses.


Ready to Uncover Your Foie Gras Preference? So, which will it be? The delicate whisper of goose or the bold embrace of duck?


Perhaps your taste buds yearn for both. No matter your preference, discover the difference ethical sourcing makes.

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