Mastering the Art of Foie Gras: Les Délices de Saint Orens

Mastering the Art of Foie Gras: Les Délices de Saint Orens

Foie gras, a culinary delicacy revered for its rich, buttery texture and complex flavor profile, has long been a centerpiece of French cuisine. However, the traditional methods of foie gras production have raised concerns about animal welfare, prompting a growing interest in sustainable and ethical alternatives. Embarking on the journey of breeding and processing, Saint Orens foie gras has been controlling the production process, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental responsibility.

About Saint Orens Philosophy

Les Délices de Saint Orens, founded in 2006, produces its ducks on its farm, Ferme Jeansarthe, a typical farm located in a small village in the heart of Landes France. Guy Dehez has a "producer to consumer" philosophy. Being 2nd generation breeder, his knowledge has been passed down from his father. Guy is a breeder who loves his animals and cares deeply about their well-being.

With decades of experience, he select the most suitable ducks and geese to raise from its first day to its sixteenth week. He ensures that his animals get a healthy diet, which is also grown on the Jeansarthe farm. His goal is to have 100% control over the entire production process, from the selection of breeds and feeding practices to the final processing and preservation. This intimate involvement allows for a deep understanding of the birds' needs and ensures that their well-being remains paramount throughout their lives.

Bruno Castaing is from a line of 3 generations of Landes canners. Being passionate about his profession he creates the delights of Saint Orens were born, leaning on the experience acquired from his father and grandfather. He pays particular attention to the selection of natural products, exclusively from the Landes region.

"My goal is to fully satisfy the most demanding gourmets, by offering them noble products, and to share with them the pleasure of tasting a real foie gras of the Landes tradition combining flavor and authenticity."

Saint Orens Concept: "From producer to consumer"

By producing their own ducks on their farm and controlling the animals diet through their harvests and their own food preparation, they are convinced of guaranteeing you an authentic final product whose origin is unequivocal. Les Délices de Saint Orens, through the Ferme de Jeansarthe, is one of the rare artisan canners to raise its own ducks with the fruit of its own harvests. Get a taste! 

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