To make French wine easier: Syrah and Grenache from Languedoc region

To make French wine easier: Syrah and Grenache from Languedoc region

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According to the region where the grape variety is grown, the flavors could be very different (to know more about wines of Languedoc)

Syrah: In Languedoc, wines made with Syrah tend to be robust and high in alcohol and tannins, which makes them good candidates for aging. Syrah gives low-acid, deeply colored, fruity wines with red fruit and strong floral notes, with hints of licorice, ginger, and spice.

Grenache: This variety has been cultivated in France since the Middle Ages. It provides structure to Languedoc blends. It produces round, elegant wines with notes of cherry and plum in youth, and jam, cocoa, and mocha with age

The domain called "La Grande Sieste" (the Great Nap): 

With the organic“ certification, the vines are treated with total respect for the environment and the quality of the wine reflects them all the care taken.

Share moments of friendship far from noise and fury, the only sound allowed is the one of joy and laughter, cicadas and the eventual sound of a light snoring…

 The blend provides a wine with notes of black fruits and blackberry liqueur. The
mouth is greedy and supple with character on a peppery finish.


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