Wine inventory: what is the better method?

Wine inventory: what is the better method?

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French Delices has existed for almost 5 months and we did a lot of inventories with different methods from the more complicated one to the last ones, known so far as the easiest one, until we find a better way! Of course, we use spreadsheets to keep track of tour bottles: it is versatile, easy to use and so cheap.

Nevertheless, on the go, we can't access it so we need to anticipate, to take note so that we are able to update the spreadsheet once back home. It is also tedious and time-consuming: I have the feeling that we have made wine inventories every single day to track errors!

For a company like ours, spreadsheet is still the better solution to determine strategies, excess inventory and sales. What is your experience about wine inventory and what solution have you implemented?


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