What is chardonnay wines at French-Delices?

What is chardonnay wines at French-Delices?

Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety used in the production of white wine. In France, Chardonnay is the second-most widely planted white grape variety. Mostly prominent in Burgundy, Champagne, Beaujolais and South of France (Languedoc).

Characteristics: Chardonnay has got a subtle fruity flavor with notes of citrus, green apple, blossom and butter but according to the climate the grapes are grown up from, the wine can develop wider range of flavors


At French-Delices, we have got 8 chardonnay wines with different flavors according to the climates they are coming from


 From classicism (blossom) to "off the beaten track" (exotism)


1 - Macon Perronne Bois Raymond - Burgundy

2- Chardonnay Les Perrieres - Burgundy

3 - Macon Village - Burgundy

4 - Cremant de Bourgogne - Beaujolais

5 - Beaujolais Blanc - Beaujolais

6 - Cuvee Mirliflore White - Cahors

7 - Mi Nuit Chardonnay

8 - La crapuleuse blanc - Languedoc

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