The Perfect Weeknight Wines: 5 Pairings for Easy Dinners

The Perfect Weeknight Wines: 5 Pairings for Easy Dinners

Let's be honest, after a long day, the last thing you want is a complicated meal paired with a fussy wine. Sometimes, all you crave is a comforting dish and a glass that simply works. That's where weeknight wines come in – delicious, unpretentious, and ready to make your evenings a little brighter.

We've handpicked five fantastic French wines from French Délices that are ideal for those no-fuss weeknight dinners.


1. Chicken & Chardonnay: A Classic Combo

The Dish: Simple roast chicken with herbs and salad.

The Wine: Domaine des Diables Classique Blanc. This classic White is a crowd-pleaser with its citrus and exotic fruit flavors and a creamy texture – perfect for mirroring the richness of your chicken dish.


2. Taco Tuesday, Meet Your Match

The Dish: Spicy chicken tacos, veggie tacos with black beans, or your favorite taco creation.

The Wine: Domaine des Chaffangeons Morgon - Beaujolais. This juicy, vibrant red bursts with red fruit flavors and a hint of spice. It's got just enough body to stand up to the flavors of your tacos without being overpowering.


3. Pizza's Perfect Partner

The Dish: Classic pepperoni, veggie supreme, or a gourmet white pizza – the choice is yours!

The Wine: Dom Brial - Les Camines Rouge - Roussillon. This red blend is a sunshine-filled delight with its ripe berry flavors and soft tannins. A versatile pairing that enhances the flavors of nearly any pizza.


4. Fish and a Refreshing White

The Dish: A simple pan-fried fish - any fish the choice is yours!!

The Wine: Domaine Sarrabelle - INGENIUM: Le Mauzac - Gaillac. This crisp Mauzac is all about green apples and minerality, making it the perfect companion for your light and flavorful fish dishes.


5. When in Doubt, Go Rosé

The Dish: Pasta with tomato sauce, veggie burgers, salads with grilled toppings... the options are endless.

The Wine: Domaine des Diables - L'Hydropathe Elite Rose - Provence. Dry, refreshing, and bursting with fruity aroma, this rosé's versatility makes it a lifesaver for those "what do I pair with this?" nights.


Remember: Weeknight wines are about enjoyment, not overthinking. So stock up on these easy-drinking bottles and savor those well-deserved moments of relaxation. Cheers!

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