Organic wine: green label for respecting the land

Organic wine: green label for respecting the land

Maybe you have started to look into organic wines but do you really know what it means?

As a baseline, all is mainly about cultivating grapes without the help of toxic protective or growth inducing substances (pesticides, herbicides), during the grape growing phase. Organic wine consumption will allow you to avoid harmful chemicals.

Nevertheless, we cannot talk about organic wines without talking about addition of sulfites, during the fermentation phase, in the winery. In the European union, then in France, addition of sulfites, used as preservatives, are allowed in organic wine, but at lower maximum levels than in conventional wine production. Less sulfites means, more natural and healthier wine (lessening headache also)

As a result, organic wine is a more natural and cleaner product to consume and to produce: healthier and more eco friendly !

Many of our winemakers have been granted a certificate of conformity in organic farming, readable on the bottles thanks to the green stamp: BAP beers, Gentille Domain, Paternel Domain, Rousset cellar, Annibals castle, The Great Nap domain, Dom Brial domain, Saint Sernin castle, Domaine of evils

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