Domaine Saint-Roch - Deticated to Exceptional Wines

Domaine Saint-Roch - Deticated to Exceptional Wines

Nestled in the picturesque village of Beaumes-de-Venise, Domaine Saint-Roch is a family-owned and operated winery dedicated to crafting exceptional wines using traditional know-how. With a rich history dating back to the 15th century, the Meissonnier family has been passionately cultivating vines and producing wines for sixteen generations.


Over the years, the Domaine has evolved from its initial focus on arboriculture and market gardening to specializing in winemaking. Today, Stéphanie, Stéphane, Théo, and Quentin carry on the family legacy, bringing their unique perspectives and enthusiasm to the winemaking process.


At Domaine Saint-Roch, we believe in the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We have obtained the HVE (high environmental value) charter, which recognizes our commitment to preserving the natural balance of our ecosystem.


Our dedication to quality is reflected in every step of the winemaking process. In the spring, we meticulously carry out disbudding, lifting, and green harvesting to ensure optimal grape yields and quality. We also use tractors for tillage, trimming, and treatments, ensuring efficient and precise vineyard management.


Summer brings the excitement of the harvest. From mid-July, we begin harvesting our table grapes, starting with the Prima and Cardinal varieties, followed by Danlas, Muscat d'Hambourg, and Alphonse Lavallée. In late August, the harvest overlaps with both table and wine grapes, marking the transition to a new vintage.


As autumn arrives, the vineyard takes a well-deserved break to bask in the last rays of sunshine. However, within the estate, the olive harvest takes place, and in the cellar, the winemaking process continues with devatting, racking, and assembly.


Winter brings a time for reflection and preparation. We prune the vines and crush the branches to maintain the health and vigor of our plants. We also tie up young plants, prune olive trees, and maintain the soil by plowing with a tractor. In the cellar, it is time for the winemaker to create the final blends, a pivotal moment that determines the character and complexity of our wines.


At Domaine Saint-Roch, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of Beaumes-de-Venise. Whether you are an individual looking for a memorable tasting experience or a professional seeking high-quality wines for your business, we invite you to discover the passion and dedication that goes into every bottle we produce.

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