Domaine des Chaffangeons: Three Generations of Winemaking Excellence

Domaine des Chaffangeons: Three Generations of Winemaking Excellence

Nestled in the heart of the Beaujolais Crus, in the picturesque commune of Fleurie, Domaine des Chaffangeons has been crafting exceptional wines since 1955. Founded by Mr. Depardon, the estate's legacy has been passed down through three generations, with each winemaker bringing their unique vision and passion to the craft.

Today, the domain is helmed by the third generation, who has expanded the estate's surface area to 17 hectares and diversified its offerings to include a range of appellations. While Fleurie remains the primary focus, with several distinct cuvées, the estate also produces wines from Morgon, Moulin à Vent, Beaujolais Blanc, and Crémant de Bourgogne. Additionally, they have introduced a sparkling rosé called "La Bulle en Rose" and a sweet white wine called "L'antidote," both listed under Vin de France.

At Domaine des Chaffangeons, a commitment to quality and sustainability guides their winemaking practices. They employ manual harvesting for a significant portion of their grapes, ensuring careful selection and preserving the integrity of the fruit. Destemming is done to avoid herbaceous tastes, and fermentation takes place in concrete vats, allowing for optimal temperature control and color extraction. The wines are then aged in either concrete vats or oak barrels, depending on the desired style and characteristics.

The result is a portfolio of wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Beaujolais region. Their red wines, made from Gamay grapes, are known for their vibrant fruit flavors, supple tannins, and a distinctive floral character. The white wines, crafted from Chardonnay, showcase freshness, citrus notes, and a balanced acidity.

Domaine des Chaffangeons is dedicated to producing wines that are both enjoyable and thought-provoking. They strive to create wines that tell a story, capturing the essence of the Beaujolais region and the generations of winemakers who have shaped its legacy.
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