Cheers to Syrah! Celebrate International Syrah Day in February

Cheers to Syrah! Celebrate International Syrah Day in February

Discover the world of Syrah this February 16th, as wine enthusiasts worldwide come together to celebrate International Syrah Day. Delve into the rich history and global presence of this iconic grape variety, originating from France's Rhône Valley and flourishing in diverse wine regions across continents.

Why Celebrate Syrah?:

  • Embrace the Global Spirit: Syrah, renowned as Shiraz in some regions, transcends borders, thriving in vineyards from France to Australia, California, and beyond.
  • Versatile and Flavorful: Explore the multifaceted expressions of Syrah, ranging from light and peppery to bold and full-bodied, making it a perfect companion for various culinary delights.
  • Rich Heritage: Syrah is the red wine grape that rules the Northern Rhone Valley. While Syrah is planted all over the world, at close to 70,000 hectares, more Syrah is planted in France, than in any other country. Syrah is the only red grape allowed by AOC rules in the appellations of Cote Rotie and Hermitage. Syrah is one of world’s most popular and widely planted red wine grape varieties.



Celebrating Syrah Day:

  • Experience the Celebration: International Syrah Day, an annual event on February 16th, invites wine lovers to immerse themselves in the world of Syrah through vineyard tours, tastings, and masterclasses.
  • Toast to Diversity: From the Northern Rhône to Australia's Barossa Valley, sample Syrah wines from different regions, each reflecting the unique terroir and climate influences.
  • Join the Community: Raise your glass with fellow enthusiasts, sharing in the appreciation of Syrah's beauty and complexity.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Savor Classic Elegance: Explore the refined charm of cooler-climate Syrah wines, boasting captivating aromas of exotic flowers, roasted meats, and stony minerality.
  • Perfect Pairings: Enhance your dining experience with Syrah's bold flavors, complementing a variety of dishes including grilled meats, stews, hearty pastas, and indulgent chocolate desserts.
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Join the Global Celebration:

February 16th isn't just a day for drinking wine; it's an opportunity to celebrate the craftsmanship of winemakers, the influence of terroir, and the vibrant global community united by their love for Syrah. Raise a glass on International Syrah Day and toast to the intricate flavors and timeless appeal of this extraordinary grape variety!


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