Domaine Bonnardot - Bourgogne aligote - Burgundy

Domaine Bonnardot - Bourgogne aligote - Burgundy

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Type of wine: white

Grapes: Aligote

Alcohol: 12.5%

Description: Bourgogne aligoté is a delicious white wine that is young, stylish and is a little different. It is pale gold in color and offers a well-balanced taste, and ranges from a fruity bouquet with notes of apple and lemon to a more floral palette. 

Pairing foodIt is a perfect match for grilled fish, and its liveliness and citrus notes stand up well to the saltiness of oysters, seafood and strong goat cheese.

  • Crab cakes with aioli (mayonnaise with garlic)
  • Japanese dumplings (gyoza)
  • Smoked fish

Reward: wine searcher 86/100